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Each month we highlight one of our wonderful Potters. Our Front Window Gallery is where our monthly "Featured Artist" will have their work on display.


Be sure to come by the shop to see what and who is new!

February 2022

Ramona Gregory

The Potters Place Gallery is excited to have Ramona Gregory back as our featured artist for the month of February 2022.  Her current work is titled "Welcoming the light".


Light is inherently uplifting, bringing ambience and character into a space, resonating with our human desire for warmth, connection, and community. My tealight and pendant lighting is made of translucent porcelain formed on the wheel and then hand-carved resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece that serves as both a functional object and a work of art. Each one is carefully made to bring light to people’s space, and it is my joy to create pieces that will bring joy and elevate the everyday.

Transient and ephemeral, light interacts with a room, casting brightness, but also shadow and negative space. I consider this dichotomy in my work by creating pieces that honour the light and pieces that honour the dark or sometimes both.

My lights are all about bringing joy, calm and beauty to a space, while my vessels are rooted in what I think of as ‘the shadowlands’… the place of mourning, and loss and the idea of the sacred. This is a part of human experience in which people often turn to ritual and these vessels are my offering, carrying the meaning people imbue upon them, containing any physical or symbolic artifact placed in them. I have been honoured over the years to create custom vessels for ceremony and memorial. Each vessel has the original custom drawing included, which can be created to a person’s specifications.

I work in multiple mediums and I maintain a few lines of pottery at time, often experimenting with new forms, content, materials and methods, adding new pieces as well as occasionally circling back and revisiting older work. Contrast and dichotomy, light and dark, are recurring themes central to my work which I explore simply with contrasting textures, differing insides and outsides and in this most recent work of lighting and ceremonial vessels, I explore it more symbolically. Welcoming the Light is a new path in my work, drawing on many aspects of my past work using texture, carving and drawing, resulting in modern pieces rooted in function and utility with a classic rustic aesthetic influenced by the natural world around us.

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