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Each month we highlight one of our wonderful Potters. Our Front Window Gallery is where our monthly "Featured Artist" will have their work on display.


Be sure to come by the shop to see what and who is new!


Sue Taylor and Maeva Collins

We are delighted to be able to highlight both Sue Taylor and Maeva Collins throughout August 2021.
Both artists create spectacular work using “alternative firing methods” known as atmospheric firing. 

The results are absolutely stunning.


Sue Taylor
(wine cups)

Sue Taylor uses salts when her kiln reaches high temperatures and the salt is what creates the pebble like or orange peel like glaze over her pieces.  She uses coloured clay and washes to provide the various colours, but it is the vapours created by the heating of the salts that creates the beautiful sheen and finish.

You’ll see fine carving details in Sue’s Forest series where trees are cut into the rims of wide flanged platters and bowls.

Her work is fine and meticulously made.  A beautiful edition to any home.

sue taylor pieces.jpeg

Maeva Collins

Maeva Collins work is known as “wood fired”.  Her kiln is fashioned in the shape of a train – you read that correctly.  The movement of the heat and the ash, moves through this kiln from one end and out a chimney at the other end.  It uses only firewood and the heat and that ash from the burning of the wood to create the look she is after.  The ash flies around the kiln landing on the many pieces that are loaded into the kiln.  Along with some very specifically formulated glazes, which interact with the ash, it is actually the ash itself that provides the character that is indicative of wood fired pottery.  Her throwing skills are exceptional and her designs and shapes are graceful and whimsical while being very sophisticated all at the same time.

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