The Potters Place in the beautiful Comox Valley is a beautiful newly renovated ceramics gallery and shop run by a collective of local  potters. Here you will find some of the most beautiful pottery in British Columbia.

The Potters Place has been in operation for 25 years and is a non profit society.  The gallery and it's members help to support education in the ceramics, support various community charities and promote both community and the arts via supporting students at North Island College in the ceramics department and offering a platform for new and emerging artists to showcase their work .  The Potters Place shows the largest selection of clay works on Vancouver Island and one of the largest ceramic galleries in B.C. and Canada.


Each month we feature a remarkable local potter and their work.  Some months we also highlight the work of a guest artist, wither local to the island, or a visiting artist.  We have such a wonderfully talented pottery community right here in the Comox Valley.  We hope you bring your friends and guests as we can boast the largest all Clay Gallery on Vancouver Island.  We are the Pottery Mecca of Vancouver Island and definitely a place to visit, whether you live nearby or are visiting from afar.  We love introducing you to our artists work in our FEATURED ARTIST's window



As you walk up to the gallery windows at the 5th street Courtyard you will see our 2 large picture windows.
In the evening as you are walking by,  you can't help but notice our windows lit up with the pottery quietly glistening and shining in the light.  People like to walk across the street to our windows and see what's new in the shop.

During the day, however, is when you can come in and really get a close look at some of the most wonderful pottery in Western Canada. 

Sue Taylor at her Salt Kiln for The Potters Place Gallery

Browse our ONLINE Gallery Of Potters

The variety of potters in the Comox Valley gives way to an abundance of beautiful, hand crafted local pottery.  We have to hold ourselves back sometimes, from boasting that is... as we are the largest ALL CLAY gallery on Vancouver Island.  The pottery you find here and featured each month, may be functional, decorative or sculptural.  Each artist has a unique voice in clay and the Comox Valley is proud to have so many gifted artists right here.

The artist whose works are available at the Potters Place all live in and around the Comox Valley; The Pottery Mecca of Vancouver Island.

A Brief Explanation of Types of Pottery and Firing Methods

Functional pieces, wheel thrown and hand built, include dinnerware, teapots, casseroles, vases, drinking vessels, and more. Sculptural pieces, altered and carved forms, wall hangings and masks are also found in the store

Stoneware, porcelain and earthenware clays are used in a spectrum of colour fired from low to high temperatures in electric, gas, and wood kilns. Among the specialty firing techniques we have:

Salt and Soda: Salt or soda is introduced into the kiln at the top temperatures and interacts with the clay and colourants to produce a distinctive glaze, often characterized by an “orange peel” texture.
Pit Firing: These pots have no glaze. The surface shine is due to the time spent burnishing the pot and the colour comes from the fire and the combustibles used such as shavings, sawdust, seaweed, dog food and oxides.
Raku: These pots are removed red hot from the kiln and placed in combustible material. They burn in a controlled smoke that creates beautiful coppers, iridescent, black and crackle glaze effects.
Wood Firing: These pots are fired in a kiln heated by wood to a high temperature. The fly ash from the wood lick the pots to add luscious deposits forming warm exceptional glazes.
Crystalline: High fired, cooled slightly in the kiln to a crystal growing temperature and held while crystals form in the glazes to produce unusual and exotic patterns on the pots.