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We are thrilled to be ale to help you find the right piece of pottery – all made by local artist We want to than you for supporting local arts … from the bottoms of our pots!

In light of recent Covid 19 Directive, we, at The Potters Place Gallery will continue to require that masks be worn upon entry to the gallery. 

We will increase the number of patrons in the gallery at any given time to a maximum of 8.

Our goal is to continue to keep both our customers and our staff safe at all times.

We love our customers and continued to be blown away by all your caring, understanding and on-going support.


The Potters Place Gallery in the beautiful Comox Valley

is the largest all clay gallery on Vancouver Island.  We are a not for profit society run by a collective of local potters.

Here you will find some of the most beautiful pottery in British Columbia.

The Potters Place has been in operation for 25 years and is a non profit society. 

The gallery and it’s members help to support education in the ceramics, support various community charities and promote both community and the arts via supporting students at North Island College in the ceramics department and offering a platform for new and emerging artists to showcase their work . 

The Potters Place shows the largest selection of clay works on Vancouver Island and one of the largest ceramic galleries in B.C. and Canada.


Gallery Hours

Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 4 pm


We wish all of our friends and neighbours safety and good health during this time of staying in and social distancing due to Covid 19

Come visit us at the gallery. 

 We’d love to see you

We have made some necessary changes at the Gallery to serve our new normal.  Our potters have been busy in their studios and are excited to have you see what they’ve all been up to.

It may look a little different, all in efforts  to play our part in keeping everyone safe, our customers and our potters while at the gallery. 

Thanks for your ongoing support of local art.  It has been one thing that has kept many of us sane through this most extraordinary time in our collective history and herstory.


About Us

The Potters Place Gallery and Shop in Courtenay, B.C. is in the heart of  the Comox Valley.

The pottery gallery was established 25 years ago as an outlet for local pottery.  It has grown from those early days to become one of the most sought out galleries of ceramic arts on Vancouver Island.  Visitors to the Comox Valley are delighted at the calibre of pottery produced locally.  Currently over 30 island potters sell from the store offering an impressive variety of high quality pottery.

Robin Hopper Bursary

The Robin Hopper Bursary was established to recognize and honour Robin Hopper for all his amazing contributions to the Clay Community in Canada, and for his International influence as a Potter, Educator and Author .The Bursary is meant to help clay enthusiasts gain more knowledge, skills and experience through courses, attending workshops, attending conferences or clay symposiums.
The Bursary is open to all applicants who have a passion for clay and are actively involved in making and producing works in clay.

Our Potters

The Potters Place is delighted to be able to help share these wonderful works with visitors and Islanders alike

Each one of our potters has their own pottery studio and each has their own methods of making their work.

Various Firing Methods

The Potters Place Gallery is delighted to be able to help share these wonderful works with visitors and Islanders alike.  

Each one of our potters has their own pottery studio and each has their own methods of making their work.

Our potters make both functional and decorative or sculpural pottery and ceramics.   Some potters use a potters’ wheel and “throw” their pots.  Others use various methods of handbuilding to craft their wares. Often both methods are used in making these beautiful pieces you’ll see at our gallery.

What kind of work will you see at the gallery?

Works include dinnerware, teapots, casseroles, vases, drinking vessels, mugs, butterdishes, bowls. serving dishes and more. Sculptural pieces may be altered and carved, and wall hangings and masks are also found in the gallery.

Stoneware, porcelain and earthenware clays are used are fired in various types of kilns.



Firing Methods Explained

Have you ever wondered just how we ‘cook’ our pottery?  We call it Firing Methods and there are quite a few ways that potters fire their work.

  • Salt and Soda: Salt or soda is introduced into the kiln at the top temperatures and interacts with the clay and colourants to produce a distinctive glaze, often characterized by an “orange peel” texture.
  • Pit Firing: These pots have no glaze. The surface shine is due to the time spent burnishing the pot and the colour comes from the fire and the combustibles used such as shavings, sawdust, seaweed, dog food and oxides.
  • Raku: These pots are removed red hot from the kiln and placed in combustible material. They burn in a controlled smoke that creates beautiful coppers, iridescent, black and crackle glaze effects.
  • Wood Firing: These pots are fired in a kiln heated by wood to a high temperature. The fly ash from the wood lick the pots to add luscious deposits forming warm exceptional glazes.
  • Crystalline: High fired, cooled slightly in the kiln to a crystal growing temperature and held while crystals form in the glazes to produce unusual and exotic patterns on the pots.
  • Gas Firing: Like the name suggests, this method of firing uses natural gas or propane.  It is usually reserved for high fired stoneware and porcelain and potters can achieve wonderful atmospheric effects to their glazes.
  • Electric Firing: Think of a very very very hot oven. Now think again. An electric kiln can be  placed inside a home and is a very common method of firing pottery.  Although one can fire to hight temperatures like a gas or soda or salt kiln, this method is commonly the choice for potters who work in mid-fired range porcelains and stonewares, and lower fired earthenware clay bodies.  Bright colours can be achieved using this method, especially with the lower temperatures.

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Bring your visitors to the Gallery too

We love sharing what we do here in the Comox Valley.  We have such a thriving arts community and we are so grateful to be right in the heart of it.

We are favoured as a “MUST SEE” destination, when art and pottery lovers come to the valley.  It is so rare to see over 20 potters showing their  work  under one roof.

And…You know our prices reflect our gratitude to our Comox Valley neighbours and friends.

Located at the corner of 5th and Cliffe in the heart of downtown Courtenay, with easy parking at the rear of the building, we welcome both you and your visitors.  Your sure to find something , be it for a gift, or for yourself. 

We at the gallery are all in favour of keeping yourself on your gift list too.

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