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Your application to be considered as an artist at The Potters Place Gallery has been successfully submitted. If you have not yet done so, please continue to fill out part 2 below.

Thank you.

We will contact you after your work has been reviewed.
We look forward to the possibility of having you join us at the Gallery.

Part 2 of Application Submission – Consignment Policy 


    The following explains the policies for selling your work at the Potters Place. Please read it carefully. Please note all newly juried work will be reviewed after six months.

    It is important to realize that the Potters Place Gallery is a non profit society operated by a collective of potters.

    1. Artist Information and Photographs: Please supply us with business cards and send a current artist statement, bio, background material and photographs of your work to keep on file. Let us know if the photographer needs acknowledgment.

    2. Delivery of Work: All work must be appropriately labeled and accompanied by an inventory sheet. Please phone ahead to ensure the time for delivery is convenient.

    3. Commission: The commission taken by the gallery is 40% of the retail price on sales made directly from the shop. All orders originating from the gallery will be subject to commission.

    4. Payment: The proceeds of work(s) sold will be paid to the consignee on or before the 7th day of the month following the sale unless the amount due is less than $30, in which case the amount due will be held over until the following month.

    Returns are permitted for exchange or credit for any item if returned in new conditions within 30 days of purchase

    5. Breakage: The gallery will pay the artist the full amount of all breakage for which our customers or staff are responsible less 40% commission with the exception of pieces over $200. The Potters Place agrees to pay half of work priced over $200.

    The gallery reserves the right to refuse any extremely fragile work.

    In the event of a natural disaster, earthquake, crime or other peril, the Potters Place will be responsible to the artist only for the amount that can be recovered from the insurance.

    Professionalism: It is requested that work not be withdrawn from the gallery to be sold privately.

    Six-month Rule: It is requested that work displayed in the gallery for more than six months be removed and replaced with new work.

    Annual Review: Work in the gallery will be reviewed on an annual basis in order to establish it still meets the criteria.

    Participation: If you have been juried in, you are expected to keep us stocked with your work. Sales records are reviewed annually and in order to maintain the viability of the store, each artist is expected to generate at least $1000 in gross sales per year.

    It is understood that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances why stock or volume levels drop and it is incumbent on the artist to inform the gallery so that these can be taken into consideration. Should these circumstances exceed 6 months, the gallery has the right to ask that you take a leave of absence or withdraw from the gallery with the ability to reapply when you are back to full production.

    Liability: It is the responsibility of individual potters to carry their own liability insurance.

    New Style of Work: If an artist, currently selling in the gallery, wants to bring in work that is different from the juried work they normally sell, they may be asked to re-jury the work.

    GST: At this time the Potters Place is not required to collect GST only PST. Therefore it is the artist’s responsibility to do so if required.

    Agreement: This gallery policy constitutes an agreement between individual artists and the gallery. Artists selling in the gallery are required to have a signed copy of this policy on file to indicate they have read the policy and agree to the contents. The gallery policy is subject to change.

    This contract may be terminated by either party with one month’s notice in writing, without prejudice to the rights of either party. This contract must be renewed annually or it expires.

    I have read and understood the terms and conditions of this POLICY FOR CONSIGNMENT




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