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Katy Fogg and Patsy O’Connell are Featured Artists through October 2019

We are so excited to have Katy Fogg and Patsy O’Connell showcased throughout October at The Potters Place Gallery. 

Katy Fogg

Katy loves the interplay between science, art, and craft that goes into the creation of her work. Her pieces are lightweight and refined and utilize fluid crystalline glazes or wax resist techniques to bring life to her pots. She has been making pottery for over 23 years and draws her inspiration from her family, community and our beautiful natural environment. She seeks out simple low toxicity ingredients and creates all her glazes in the studio. She strives to create the simple things of life with intention and integrity.  (photo credits Nokomis Rhodes)

Patsy O’Connell

Get ready for some colour. After a lifetime of working with Clay, it occurs to me that my work evolves in a way that allows me to use colour in all the phases of making.  The intoxicating joy of colour, the tactile pleasures of clay, and the creative process (basically making decisions and then making them happen) keep me in the studio – a heady concoction indeed!

This year there have been some diversions from my well-trodden clay path.  A series of pots resulted from my interest in the life and work of J.M.W. Turner, ‘The Master of Light.  His paintings of the sea carried me away.  Lately, I’ve attempted to make pots that appear to have a history with marks and a patina attesting to years of use though they are newly made.  And now I’m using commercial underglazes (ceramic paints), tentatively.  

No matter what one chooses to pursue in clay, it’s endless!

Both of these wonderful potters are local to the COMOX VALLEY and their works will be featured in our Picture Windows at the gallery during October. 

We are open 10-5, Monday – Saturday. There is ample parking at the rear of the building off 6th street.

Bring a friend.  We love to share our enthusiasm about pottery.

Anne Cubit and Carmen Calleson are featured throughout September 2019

Anne Cubit makes exceptional crystalline pottery. Each of her pieces is like a wild and wonderful science experiment. Each piece has the most amazing crystals that have formed on the surface. It is a very delicate process with quite a lot of attrition. The pots that make it through the firing are even the more special, for having made it through. We are delighted to be able to showcase Anne as our featured artist.

Carmen Calleson of Funky Fungus Creations creates work that is carved and colurful. She illustrates imagery of mushrooms and other fungus. Looking at her work, you can’t help but feel like you are walking through a fairy garden.We are thrilled to have Carmen as our guest artists this month.

Don’t miss out on seeing these 2 very different, and wonderfully talented potters throughout the month of ‘September at The Potters Place Gallery. Be sure to stop by our windows next time you are at 5th and Cliffe in downtown Courtenay. Be sure to cross the road to the “OTHER SIDE”.

Parking is at the rear of the building.