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Cori Sandler

Cori Sandler has as many styles as there are trees in a forest.

cori-with-big-bowl-3inch-webCori Sandler makes pottery that is both whimsical, full of colour and joy.  She also makes pottery that is influenced by the ocean, rich with aqua colours and textures that resemble the ripples on the beach after the tide has come in and out and kelp floating on the oceans surface. 

Her Cinderella Coach Mugs are definitely a signature series along with her NEKID Lady Mugs. 

She works with stoneware and porcelain  using several different firing methods including oxidation and wood firing.
Her most recent work involves multiple layers of glazes similar to viewing the ocean on a foggy day, one colour just blends into the next.


Cori Sandler

Studio Potter / Cori’s Clay Class Pottery Teacher.

Well, the truth of the matter is, I simply have to make pots! I can’t quite imagine what life would be like if I didn’t. I adore throwing pots on my potters’ wheel and listening to music wafting through my studio. I love warmer BC weather when I open my studio garage doors wide and hear the ocean waves, and the eagles singing. Life is pretty magical.


Having moved to the Comox Valley 8 years ago from Toronto, my work has taken on the vibe of my surroundings. I am a functional potter, which means I love to make pots that you and your family will use every day in both food preparation and serving. The feeling of the clay oozing through my fingers while spinning ‘round is transformative. It still is hypnotic even to me, to watch a ball of clay, turn into a beautiful vessel, animated, and fluid, with hips and a belly and shoulders – all words I use to describe different parts of a pot.


I love to think that generations from now, people may unearth a Cori Sandler mug, or bowl and have a bit of a window into what our lives may have been like, based on the pottery that is found from this era. My work is both meditative and highly decorative. I work mostly with a white clay as I find the colour response to be pretty amazing. I have always been an artist with many things to say and have found clay to be the perfect way to share my voice.   I have a series I call Salish Sea, which is a study in the colours of the ocean, and the ripples in the beach as the tide flows back and forth. There is my kelp series, also referencing the ocean, with what reminds me of floating kelp and seaweed laying over the surface of the pottery. I have many different series, never being one of those artists that does only style of work. I have a series with flying fat naked ladies, arms up in celebration, which speaks to the need to teach our young daughters and to remind ourselves, to love ourselves exactly as we are – no matter what size or shape we are, no matter what our society says we should be. I have a series that I call ode to Kandinsky with bold colours and fine incised sketch lines, as if I had been in a Parisian cafe, and was drawing in my sketch book with one hand, while drinking an espresso at a little iron table looking out onto an urban street. I spend a lot of time considering and working on glazing my pots in order to achieve unique and special pots. Pots you won’t see other potters making. I use various methods to achieve this including layering multiple glazes together, sometimes 8 or 9 different glazes on one single mug.

Although I adore making all kinds of pottery, to be honest, I most adore mugs. They are the most personal piece of pottery you’ll own. You kiss and caress it daily. You are possessive of your favourite mug and … you most likely DO have a favourite mug. I hope that one day, you will chose a Cori Sandler mug from your cupboard and quietly say to yourself, ‘now… that’s MY favourite mug’.


I really get to live a very graced life, making a living doing what I love. A number of years ago I realized that I have so much experience over these past 30+ years a potter that it was only right that I begin to share my knowledge – to pass it on to the next generation and to others interested in this amazing art form. If you find potter making intriguing, you can take a “Cori’s Clay Class” with me. I have been teaching students in small batch classes at my studio. – There is a lot of individual attention and I am thrilled to know that so many of my students have since bought their own wheels and kilns and are making pots right here in the valley. How cool is that? Please come and see what new works I am developing for this years holiday season. I can’t wait to share them with you all.


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