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Get to know our Artists / Potters

It is well known that The Comox Valley is the POTTERY MECCA of Vancouver Island. The Potters here get to enjoy scenery which inspires each potter – whether looking out toward a forest, the mountains or the ocean…while in their own pottery studio daily.  It is no wonder we enjoy such a wealth of great artist here in the Comox Valley.  Some of the best artists /potters on Vancouver Island live right here in our beautiful valley surrounded by the ocean, streams and rivers, mountains and rain forest.

Some potters work on the potters wheel, while other members choose to use hand-building techniques to fashion their works in clay.  Our potters fire their kilns with electricity, propane, gas, and/or wood.

The Potters Place is delighted to be able to help share these wonderful works with visitors and Islanders alikeEach potter who has work on display at The Potters Place Gallery and Shop works independent of each other.  Each has their own pottery studio and each has their own methods of making their work.

Alan Burgess
Meg Burgess
Maeva  Collins
Anne Cubitt
Laurie Davis
Tom Dennis
Mary Deveau
Katy Fogg
Betty Franklin
Dawn Hanson
Sandy Harquail
Carol Harris
Jack Jackovich
Cheri Lamb
Hanna Lewandowski
Sylvia McGourlick
Patsy O’Connell
Irene Miles
Elizabeth Raynord
Craig Rogers
Cori Sandler
Charlotte Schaufelbuhl
Maggie Shaw
John Shauer
Ellen Statz

Joe Stefiuk
Sue Taylor
Turner Art Potter Studio
Linda Walton