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holiday craft at the courtyard

Holiday Craft at the Courtyard.

our first ever Christmas Craft Fair.

We know how hard it is to plan getting to a craft fair that’s only on one day of the year…

So we decided to hold our Christmas craft fair for a month and a half. It will run until Dec. 31.
We are known as the largest all clay gallery on Vancouver Island with over 25 Amazing potters local to the Comox Valley, but this year we decided to invite a number of our favourite local artists who work in other mediums to join in our amazing art and craft community and display their art for a special Christmas art fair.

Among the works you find at the gallery specifically for this explosion of craft include fused and blown glass, wooden inlaid treasure and wood turned bowls and the most magical of turned ornaments, woven scarves and blankets and tea towels and other gorgeous fiber art, silver jewellery, recycled jewellery from bicycle parts (talk about unique), art cards, paintings, all of which are exquisite and great as a gift all by themselves or as an accompaniment to another gift and of course a huge assortment of handmade pottery, both functional and decorative for every budget in the Comox Valley. There are so many truly wonderful gift options for friends, family and don’t forget yourself this year at our Holiday at the Courtyard Craft Fair! It’s an art show and craft sale that will take you right through to next year.

When you walk into the gallery, you’ll smile at all the amazing possibilities you’ll find for unique gift giving under one roof; ALL LOCAL and ALL HANDMADE.
It’s a great way to support local artists, buy local, and give something this year that is truly individual and special that won’t be duplicated or mass produced in a foreign country.

We are always finding ways to be involved in giving back at The Potters Place Gallery, and this year we also have the sweetest angels and gnomes made by local artists and 100% of those purchases go directly to a community fundraising project. You can’t go wrong this season, when it comes to finding something perfect and special and unique here, during our first ever Holiday at the Courtyard event at The Potters Place Gallery in downtown Courtenay.

This year think SUSTAINABLE ART.

We’re at the corner of 5th and Cliffe with easy parking at the rear of the building off 6th street in downtown Courtenay.

Love is in the air throughout June at The Potters Place Gallery – Guest artist: Leah Bland

Love is in the air throughout June at The Potters Place Gallery – Guest artist: Leah Bland

The month of June is often filled with love, laughter, and wedding bells.


ceramic goblets by Leah Bland
Are you looking for the perfect wedding gift? 


The makers of the Potters Place Gallery have prepared beautiful teapots, baking bowls, and platters, mugs, tea bowls, and goblets, just for such occasions.  There are choices to accommodate all budgets.  A gift of pottery is made with love and care.  Our ceramic works are really a marriage of many things.  An idea, even a dream, comes to fruition with intention, care, and experience. 


The relationships of the raw clay, several elements, and fiery heat are bonded and unified after time, work and care.  Eventually each has the opportunity to reach full, glorious potential with the support of the other.  Kinda like love between people? So we get it.  And of course, the gift of a beautiful pot can be a wonderful contribution to the excitement of a couple building a new life together.  Handmade pottery makes a most memorable wedding gift of love.

Please join us on Saturday,  June 1st, from 3 until 5
for tea and biscuits.

The Potters Place Gallery is pleased to present
Leah Bland
our guest artist for the month of June.

Be sure to check out our featured window as you stroll by the gallery.

Leah Bland guest artists at the Potters Place in June, 2019

Leah has been busy building towards her new relationship, with clay.  Her pots are fresh, mindful, and created with love.

Below you can see some of Leah’s work.

There will be an opportunity to meet Leah and discuss her journey and process, and perhaps fall in love with a special pot. Please refrain from throwing rice.

blue pottery bowl by leah blandsoda fired cup by leah bland