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Central Island Artisans Studio Tour  May 27,28,29 2016

Central Island Artisans Studio Tour May 27,28,29 2016

Whatever you had planned for this weekend, may 27,28,29 – HOLD ON!!!!

You’ll want to revise your plans to include the Central Island Artisans Studio Tour. 

central island studio tour

This is our first year participating and well, doesn’t it just make sense?  The Potters Place Gallery is opening up shop with wheel demo’s and if you are so inclined … and don’t mind getting ‘mud in your eye’, then why not try your own hand at the wheel.  You’ll soon see just what skills went into making that beautiful hand made mug that you drink your coffee and tea out of everyone morning.

Here are just a few samples of the kind of mugs you’ll find at the Gallery this weekend by just a few of our artists.

If you are not doing that already, then this weekend will be your opportunity to find the perfect mug, or bowl, or vase or… you name it, the wonderful potters at The Potters Place Gallery at the corner of 5th street and Cliffe Ave., in the heart of downtown Courtenay make it.

There will be a wide array of artists on the studio tour and there is no need to fret… you can pick up your brochure with map and studios right here at our gallery.  See you this weekend.

Be sure to bring a friend along.  This is the kind of thing you’ll want to share.