June 2, 2016 The Potters Place Gallery

The Potters Place is so happy to have Shirley Phillips as our featured artist for the month of June. Please come by and see what Shirley has been up to in her studio lately.Shirley phillips wall

Here is what Shirley has to say about her pottery and her process:

Clay allows me to create with texture, colour, and oodles of shapes.
I love to see where ” What If ” experimenting will take the clay.

I fire my pottery pieces using 3 separate methods:

* Smoke Firing – Layers of sawdust, pottery pieces, branches, dried plants, seaweed, along with sprinkles of salt and colourants are placed in a metal barrel. The top layer of kindling is set aflame and the contents smoulder for 24hrs. or so. Results are mottled grey to black surfaces with flashes of colour.

* Wood Firing – Placed in Gordon Hutchens Anagama firewood burning Kiln, pottery pieces will collect wood ash on their surfaces during a 3 day firing. Luscious shades of salmon, green, yellow and toasty browns will grace their surfaces.

* Digital Electric Kiln- My Stoneware pottery pieces are glazed in vibrant turquoise, green, gold, chocolate brown and other colour combos. I also fuse Beach Glass on wee dishes.

Nature always inspires with constant changes.

May 26, 2016 The Potters Place Gallery

Whatever you had planned for this weekend, may 27,28,29 – HOLD ON!!!!

You’ll want to revise your plans to include the Central Island Artisans Studio Tour. 

central island studio tour

This is our first year participating and well, doesn’t it just make sense?  The Potters Place Gallery is opening up shop with wheel demo’s and if you are so inclined … and don’t mind getting ‘mud in your eye’, then why not try your own hand at the wheel.  You’ll soon see just what skills went into making that beautiful hand made mug that you drink your coffee and tea out of everyone morning.

Here are just a few samples of the kind of mugs you’ll find at the Gallery this weekend by just a few of our artists.

If you are not doing that already, then this weekend will be your opportunity to find the perfect mug, or bowl, or vase or… you name it, the wonderful potters at The Potters Place Gallery at the corner of 5th street and Cliffe Ave., in the heart of downtown Courtenay make it.

There will be a wide array of artists on the studio tour and there is no need to fret… you can pick up your brochure with map and studios right here at our gallery.  See you this weekend.

Be sure to bring a friend along.  This is the kind of thing you’ll want to share.

April 28, 2016 The Potters Place Gallery

Don’t Cry Salty Tears!

Sue Taylor is our Featured Artist at The Potters Place Gallery throughout the month May/2016.  

Her work is an extraordinary display of SALT FIRED pottery.  Delicate wine cups, illuminated luminaries, bountiful bowls and the like are all fired to about 1300 degrees centigrade.  As the kiln burns red hot inside,  she adds salt to the fire at specific temperatures.

This method of firing and glazing is a traditional method dating back centuries.   The salt vaporizes practically immediately as it hits the flame in the kiln, and then those vapors travel around the pots in the kiln, weaving in and around them, over and even under each piece, leaving it’s own glaze on each pot.  The flame and traveling vapors are able to kiss the underside of the pottery because each pot is placed in the kiln on what we potters call WADDING.  These are little bean like shapes of clay that elevate the pot up off the shelf, allowing the bottoms of each piece to be kissed by the flame.  This is a very unique firing method and the results are … Beyond Beautiful.
The Potters Place Gallery is located at the corner of 5th and Cliffe in downtown Courtenay in the 5th st. Courtyard.  10 – 5pm Mon-Sat. 250-334-4613.

April 2, 2016 The Potters Place Gallery

This month at the Potters Place we are thrilled to welcome the students of Courtenay Elementary School’s Pottery Program. Friends and family alike are invited to show support and encourage these young artists in our community who have create.
From seedlings to artists, we all join in to nurture the soil of these young art enthusiasts.
Along with the students work, you will find a breath of fresh air in the pots presented by members of the Potters Place.  We bring gardens, gardening, and spring to life in our pottery.

Come and enjoy spring in the Comox Valley, the only way we know how to celebrate it. Through Clay.
We are on the corner of 5th and Cliffe Ave. in Courtenay, BC – across the road from the Sid Williams Theatre, in the 5th Street Courtyard.  You’ll find lots of parking around the back along the fence behind Delicados Restaurant and Sweet Surprise Gluten Free Baking.

Courtenay Elementary school students create wonderful works in clay.
Courtenay Elementary school students create wonderful works in clay.
March 7, 2016 The Potters Place Gallery

Local Potter Wins Again

“Best in Show” and “Design Committee’s Choice” were 2 prestigious awards recently presented to local artist, Ellen Statz.
image  image
Best in Show was the top prize awarded at the Ladysmith Fine Arts Show this month, a multimedia juried art show.  The piece that won in Ladysmith stands about 31 inches tall, by 13”.

The Design Committee’s Choice award was a thrilling win at the Sooke Fine Art Show last July. This winner was a touching piece titled “Me & You” in memory of Ellen’s late husband.
This beautiful work is on display at the Campbell River Community Centre.

Both of Ellen’s winning entries were from her Rain Forest Series (recently featured at Impressions) using an innovative “Naked Raku” technique.

This month at the Potters Place Gallery you will also see an assortment of beautiful  pieces worthy of any international ceramics gallery.... But we have them right here.
Ellen Statz is among the potters that show regularly at The Potters Place.  You can see examples of her work throughout the year, Monday-Friday 10-5pm.

We are located at the corner of 5th St. and Cliffe Ave. in the 5th Street Courtyard.  Ample parking available at the rear of the building.

January 8, 2016 The Potters Place Gallery


RED DOT SALE at The Potters Place Jan 11-31 2016

The RED DOT sale at The Potters Place is our biggest sale of the year. In fact, we know that many of our customers who buy through out the year are also sure to come back about this time in January because the Gallery is full of RED DOTS.  These are put on pots that are sold at a discount – the one time of the year that we do this.

Potters have been clearing and cleaning up their studios and bringing in pottery that is gorgeous, but they are just clearing out shelves of old and making room to make more pots.  Every pot we sell is a first – no seconds here.  The glaze may be a test glaze, or the design may be a design that the potter is no longer making or … may be just beginning to work out an idea of a new line.  You may find a bowl that is a one of as all of it’s other “set mates” have all sold.

After the holidays, January is the perfect time to trim the fat! January 11-31, 2016, the Potters Place holds their annual HUGE January sale with prices that’ll make your jaw drop.   OUR RED DOT SALE is our way of saying thank you to this wonderful valley, which continues to be so supportive of local artists like those potters of the Potters Place.   We love that you have made us your GO-TO gallery and shop when you have gifts to give or when you have visitors visiting from away and want to show them the wonderful local art available in the valley.

Local potters trim their studio shelves of all sorts of pots ready for the new season of making ahead

The Comox Valley is the pottery mecca of British Columbia and in appreciation of your support; we wish to invite you to this very special sale. Many potters will bring new works into the shop and place sale prices between 10-70 percent off.  All these pots are perfect, no seconds. A Beautiful selection of pottery will be dramatically reduced during January with partial proceeds going to some of our favourite charities in the valley. We continue to support our local food bank, Y.A.N.A., Potters helping Potters and others.

This once a year special event at the Potters Place is when potters clear out older stock or items that are made of a glaze that they may no longer be using. Sometimes a potter just wants to clear shelves of inventory to make room for the next set of pottery to be made. These are all wonderful pieces from t-pots to mugs, to butter dishes, to vases to platters and everything in between. When you come in, feel free to bring with a non-perishable food item so that we can help our local food bank to continue to help put food on the table – even after the turkey dinner holidays.

The Potter’s Place is at 180B Fifth St. on the corner of Fifth and Cliffe in the cultural heart of downtown Courtenay in the Potters Courtyard.

It’s open Mondays to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Parking is available at the Rear of the building along the fence.
For more information, call 250-334-4613

December 4, 2015 The Potters Place Gallery

Feature Artist Joe Stefiuk – December 2016. Joe Stefiuk has created a new batch of work, functional and sculptural with new themes for this month’s Feature Window.

He has introduced some new glazes and has used old ones in a different way.
This holiday, we encourage everyone, to think local – supporting local economies, local artists, and handmade/handcrafted works for your gift giving.
Come into the Potterss Place Gallery for Mugs and bowls with a west coast theme, and the most wonderful soda fired animal and bird masks.
You will find Joe’s ‘One of a kind’ tea bowls, Japanese beer mugs, owls, bears (like the one in this image), wolves and of course whales tails.
Now… Don’t fret, included in Joe’s holiday work, will be some old crows, fish, and cows. He has even made the perfect stocking stuffers… shooters (lots of them).

The Potters Place is located in the 5th Street Courtyard, 5th and Cliffe, Downtown Courtenay. 10 – 5 pm Monday-Saturday.

Parking located at rear of along the fence.



November 22, 2015 The Potters Place Gallery No comments exist

Anne Cubitt and Corry Lunn are featured and guest artists throughout September 2015

anne cubitt wallAnne Cubitt’s elegant forms and the perfect canvas for her crystalline pottery.  These very beautiful bowls and vessels are like constellations in the sky, or the frost first thing in the morning as the sun just begins to come up.

The surface glaze treatment of her pottery glistens under the light as each crystal reflects the light in many different ways.  The chemicals she uses in her glazes along with a very precise ‘cooling’ method help to produce these varying sizes of crystal.  The colours are soft and muted, and yet so vibrant.

We are so lucky to have such a beautiful representation of this very unique decoration on pottery.

Do make your way in during the month of September so that you can see this wonderful work.

Corry Lunn

The ocean outside her front door and the forests behind are the inspiration for artist Corry Lunn’s ceramic sculptural work.

The ever-changing mood of the water and life that inhabits the environment along Union Bay are the soul of Lunn’s work. Ravens, otters, eagles and salmon all come alive in vessels, wall pieces and sculptural forms.

She has managed to breathe life into her Raku and burnished works through fire and flame. She manages to capture the essence of the subject she is sculpting through respect and admiration of the natural world.

corry lunn wall corry lunn wall moon corry lunn eagles corrylunn raven woman corrylunn catsYou may have noticed Sculptor, Corry’s Lunn’s studio, along the old island highway right across from the shores of Union Bay. Outside, it is filled with wooden sculptures filled with beautiful garden accents and found objects upcycled into wonderful pieces of art. Inside, is where you will find Lunn’s ceramic pieces; sculptures, wall plaques, and sandstone carvings. We are thrilled that throughout the month of September, The Potters Place gets to have Corry Lunn’s clay work on display and for sale here in Courtenay.

Her work incorporates driftwood, slumped glass, and found treasures, within her clay and enamel wall pieces. The clay elements in her sculptures are burnished with very smooth stones and then pit fired. She utilizes various techniques including Raku, sawdust firing, pit firing, burnishing, and mixed media. Lunn’s work is inspired by nature her immediate surroundings and natural objects.

Corry has said that she doesn’t separate her living from her work. A series of sculptures includes ravens, eagles, seals, fish, otters, and both creatures and women of the sea. You’ll want to touch her work, to feel the maker’s hand as it pressed and smoothed and molded the clay. “When they come out of the pit fire I clean them up with clear Kiwi shoe polish. This also protects and adds to the warm luster of the finish,” Lunn says.

The sculptures are mounted on beach/drift wood rough from the elements and a contrast from the smooth coolness of the clay, she says.

Her work is captivating. Just to know that another wonderfully gifted artist like this lives in our community is what helps to make this valley so rich and special.

It is really important that we all get to see artist’s interpretations of what beauty we live with each day, right outside our front doors. The Potters Place at the corner of 5th and Cliffe provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

Lunn is well known around B.C. for her beautiful clay sculptures and copper enamel hangings. The Comox Valley is definitely the Potter Mecca of Vancouver Island!
Open Mondays to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Potters Place is at 180B Fifth St. on the corner of Fifth and Cliffe in the 5th Street Courtyard, in downtown Courtenay.
Parking is available at the Rear of the building along the fence.
 For more information, call 250-334-4613

November 1, 2015 The Potters Place Gallery

Charlotte Schaufelbühl’s pottery is full of folk imagery and brushwork. Her strong designs stem from her European roots. Imagine beautiful batik canvases. When you see Charlotte’s functional high fired pottery, you will notice that she employs similar techniques using wax as a resist from one glaze to another.

You will no doubt recognize her work the minute you see it.  She makes very distinct and beautifully crafted mugs, bowls, butter dishes, teapots, casserole dishes etc. etc. charolette_with_bowl
Charlotte’s work will be on display throughout November, 2015 at the Potters Place.

We know that  Christmas carols have begun to fill the airwaves… There are so many wonderful gifts just waiting for you to choose from at the Potters Place. This year, we want to thank you in advance, for considering a handmade, one of a kind, locally crafted piece of pottery from one of your neighbours in the Comox Valley… a local potter.

We are located at the corner of 5th and Cliffe at the 5th Street Courtyard in the heart of downtown Courtenay.
Monday – Friday, 10-5. Parking at the rear along the fence.




October 7, 2015 The Potters Place Gallery

Katy Fogg was our Featured Artist in October, 2015.  From Earth To Table.Katy Fogg is our featured artist at The Potters Place in Downtown Courtenay throughout October 2015.

Katy has created a beautiful bounty of pottery for our Featured Artist’s Window. This body of work is rich in earthly tones.

Katy Fogg has been creating pottery that is artistically unique and aesthetically striking for over 17 years. Dedicated to integrity and detail, she carefully crafts each piece by hand. Her business is based on principles of sustainability, community, and environmental sensitivity. Creating functional, durable art from raw clay and minerals, Katy aims to infuse some of the simple things of life with care and intention. She prepares her own glazes, ensuring that they are long-lasting and non-toxic. The intricate glaze patterns, inspired by mandala designs, are created using a batik-like process. Mimicking natural earth processes, she also grows willemite and iron crystals within the surface of her glazes. These intricate flower-like forms and subtle shimmers of light offer their own beauty, adding depth and complexity to the glaze surface. Lightweight and refined, Living Earth feels magical to the touch and adds a simple beauty to everyday rituals.

“I love seeing my pots in action and I get to do this everyday at our Coffee Bar Red Tree Coffee in Tin Town. Both myself and my partner are very focused on creating the simple things of life locally (with intention and integrity), that includes my pottery and my partner Simon’s Coffee. We serve up artisan coffee from locally roasted, responsibly sourced coffee beans at his coffee bar ‘Red Tree” in Tin Town and… We serve it in my handmade pottery – talk about a perfect fit.
It’s really worth a trip into the gallery to see Katy’s delicate and graceful work.

We also have a display of some of the tools and processes employed in making the pottery you see in the shop.

Katy will be featured throughout the month of October at The Potters Place at the corner of 5th and Cliffe at the 5th Street Courtyard, in the cultural heart of Downtown Courtenay. 10 – 5 pm Monday-Saturday. Parking at the rear along the fence.

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August 2, 2015 The Potters Place Gallery



Featured Artist Elizabeth Raynor is at The Potters Place during the month of August. Elizabeth is a founding member of The Potters Place and has made very useable functional pottery for over 25 years which can be found in many homes in the Comox Valley and beyond.

Simplicity of form, softness of colour and a peaceful calm are the inspirations for Elizabeth forms and approach to glazing and decoration of her pottery. 

Raynor taught school in Saskatchewan and Alberta and it was during her time in Edmonton that she became interested in clay and j oined the local Potters Guild. It was also there, that she was fortunate enough to be taught and mentored by Naboro Kubo – a fourth generation potter from Japan. The influence of his ideas are still present in her work. Since moving to the Comox Valley, she has been very involved in the Potters Club and has attended N.I.C. pottery classes and manay workshops. The process of learning never stops.

Elizabeth will have many of her new designs on displayed in our FEATURED ARTIST’S WINDOW during this wonderful month of artistic expression. You don’t have to only see art at the wonderful festivals in the valley, you can come any day Monday through Saturday from 10-5pm and see some of the valley’s best potters and ceramic artists under one roof.

Her new work will be displayed in our FEATURED ARTIST’S WINDOW during this wonderful month of artistic expression. You don’t have to only see art at the wonderful festivals in the valley, you can come any day Monday through Saturday from 10-5pm and see some of the valley’s best potters and ceramic artists under one roof.

Open Mondays to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Potters Place is at 180B Fifth St. on the corner of Fifth and Cliffe in the 5th Street Courtyard, in downtown Courtenay.
Parking is available at the Rear of the building along the fence. For more information, call 250-334-4613, go to www.thepottersplace.ca



June 28, 2015 The Potters Place Gallery


Featured artist at The Potters Place throughout July is Laurie Davis, along with guest artist and Comox Valley Potters Club president-elect Dawn Hanson.

Get ready for our annual CHILLI bowls in front of The Potters Place for Y.A.N.A during Market Days in Courtenay on July 18th.  Come and support Y.A.N.A. , set donation will get you a beautiful bowl filled with chili and you keep the bowl… and see some wonderful new work by 2 of our valleys very gifted artist/potters.



It wasn’t until Laurie Davis saw a potter sitting at a potter’s wheel throwing mounds of clay while she was in Germany in her thirties, she realized what she was missing.  “To find a passion in life, which is unexpected, is a true gift to the spirit” says Davis.



On moving to Comox in 1970 she found a community that was open and accepting of everyone who had an interest in clay.  She attended ceramic courses, joined the local ‘Potters Club’ and began the long process of learning to work with clay. The support received from these talented potters and both the number and assortment of workshops that she and others in the local clay community attended, satisfied her need for sharing, creating and learning.   “The feeling of throwing with clay, centers and calms me with a deep sense of completeness.”

At the age of 69, Davis entered the Fine Arts and Design course at N.I.C. and graduated. North Island College has produced a wonderful foundation for the wealth of potters who make this valley home and Laurie Davis is certainly part of that bedrock. She found it a joy to mix with other artists and teachers in the many fields of art. Having traveled to Greece, China, Germany, Peru, Italy, France, Turkey and the southern States, it was exciting to study all the different types of pottery and art from the last 6000 years.

Laurie’s creates both functional and decorative pottery. For instance, Naked Raku.  Now, don’t get your knickers in a knot.  No human was naked in the making of these pots!  Naked Raku gets its racy name because during the process of firing, the outer shell of slip that

was applied falls off and the surface of the pot returns to the original clay exterior, revealing a unique one time only design on the vessel.  The pot is then “naked,” without a covering of glaze.


LLDgoldblueFORWEBaurie has created for this ‘Features Show’ a new series of decorative vessels with vibrant colours on the exterior and an interior of brilliant gold called “GOLDEN GLOW” pots. These special pieces are water- proof and could just as easily stand alone, or hold flowers.

If it is purely functional ware you are looking for, well of course she will have her lovely teapots and mugs and bowls etc. available as well.









We are thrilled to have the Comox Valley Potters Club’s President Elect, Dawn Hanson join the Potters Place Gallery as a guest artist for July.  Dawn is a studio-trained potter.  She was born and raised on the west coast of British Columbia.   Dawn grew up surrounded by many beautiful pieces, as her mother is a lover and collector of pottery.

She took her first pottery class when she was eight and was enthralled by the silky feel of the clay sliding through her fingers.  In her late twenties Dawn decided it was time to try playing with clay again.  She has done so, on and off ever since.  While living in Moose Jaw, Dawn became very involved in the Moose Jaw Potters Club, taking and teaching several classes.

Since moving (back) to the Comox Valley, in 2010, Dawn has focused her energy on her pottery.  She joined the Comox Valley Potters Club and has taken several classes and workshops at North Island College.  You can now find Dawn on numerous weekends throughout the year selling her wares at markets and fairs.  She also enjoys sharing her love of clay with children and adults throughout the valley and finds a beginner’s joy of the tactile experience of clay nothing short of inspiring.

If you happen to know a potter personally, then you must also know that there is an unwritten law, which states all potters enjoy cooking and eating.  This is true for Hanson and she also loves to make functional pottery that people will use and enjoy in their kitchen every day like bowls, plates, mugs, casseroles etc.  Come and see her large serving platters that can go from oven to table to dishwasher.  Her beer steins/ice tea mugs are a must in any household.  When whimsy strikes, she makes piggy banks.  Not so practical in the kitchen, but still a practical vessel that someone will use regularly.

Dawn constantly experiments with combinations of glazes using an electric kiln. I fire most of my functional ware in an electric kiln, always seeking and finding combinations that compliment her many forms.

“I am so grateful that the Comox Valley is home to such natural beauty and so many amazing potters – both of which inspire me daily.”

Come see Laurie Davis and Dawn Hanson, as our FEATURED AND GUEST ARTIST during the month of July 2015
The Potters Place is located at the 5th Street Courtyard, at the corner of 5th and Cliffe in the cultural heart of Downtown Courtenay.  10 – 5 pm Monday-Saturday.
Parking is located at rear of the building along the fence.
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