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Linda Walton

Always a compulsive illustrator from as far back as I can remember, my sketch books, scraps of paper, and exercise books were covered in
drawings and embellished with scenes from my imagination. Words
formed pictures in my mind’s eye and I was never without pencil and
When I went to university I majored in drawing and painting, and had
to choose a secondary subject which was labelled a craft. I chose
pottery, and I loved it. I also enjoyed the students who chose clay as
their medium. They were a fun bunch!
Over the years I have continued to explore ideas in both drawing and
painting and pottery, moving from one medium to another as
appropriate and always enjoying the change which keeps my ideas
I had been taught that a pot should be conceived, designed and
executed, leaving nothing to chance, but that’s not how things seem to turn out for me. I love nothing better than to work on the wheel and
create a body of work. It’s another day when I decorate and I look at
the pot afresh and decide then what suits the shape and my interest at
the time. I can go on wild flights of fancy or do a detailed study. I work
directly onto the raw clay with oxides and brushwork or bisqued clay,
where I use underglaze pencils. I never repeat myself, though I often
work thematically, so each piece is unique.