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An Ice Cream Giveaway & “Always Exploring” – a group show of 3 Emerging Artists

Join us at the Opening Reception - May 2/19, 4-7pm 
Light Refreshments 
and a celebration of 3 very talented new artists

The Potters Place Gallery - Ice cream giveaway with every bowl

I scream ~  You scream ~  We all scream !

Hey, what IS all the yelling about?  Ice cream, of course.  Free ice cream!  

This May, the Potters’ Place Gallery is celebrating Spring with a tasty and generous offer, along with our neighbour, Blue Spruce Ice Cream and Yogurt.  Come visit and treat yourself to a FREE scoop of delicious and delectable Blue Spruce gourmet ice cream with the purchase of a hand made pottery bowl.  

And yes….there’s even more to celebrate.  The work of our three local, very talented guest artists, Rod Heitzmann, Sarah Kerr, and Sandra Shaffer from NIC (North Island College) will be featured in the “Always Exploring”  ceramics show beginning May 1st.

Opening reception May 2nd from 4 until 7pm. 

Please join us for light refreshments and meet the artists, and explore their work with them. There might even be ice cream! (We will try to keep our voices down).

always exploring poster

Rod Heitzmann

Rod Heitzmann

Rod Heitzmann


Rod Heitzmann has been creating both sculptural and functional ceramics for almost 15 years. He started with evening programs in Calgary. After moving to the Comox Valley in 2007 he began taking Fine Arts classes at North Island College. He is also an active member of the Comox Valley Potters Club.

Rod enjoys making masks from clay. Each mask tells a story that possesses and expresses a spirit’s emotional character. He frequently draws on his knowledge of ancient cultures to express these spirits but without direct duplication. Because clay is a medium that is highly malleable when soft it allows him to use a variety of techniques in the creation of form and expression. However, when clay hardens and dries it becomes inflexible. In the kiln, these objects are transformed through the forces of heat and chemistry to attain their final forms. During firing, he turns over control to these forces, and allow the primal elements to work their wonders!

Sandra Shaffer


I discovered throwing in Kingston Ontario in 1971. Since then clay has been a foundational thread throughout my life. At times I’ve been able to teach and work as a potter, at other times pursuing ‘a real job’ to support my family. Now that I’m on my own I have enjoyed focusing on my growth as a potter and been fortunate to explore my love of clay in the communities of Denman Island, Jasper Alberta and St. John’s Newfoundland. I’m happy to be back in the Comox Valley and look forward to working in my own studio.

sarah kerr

Sarah Kerr


I am a child of a potter, so clay has been around me all my life and my love for it has grown over time.

Over the last few years, I have been experimenting with under-glazes and slips and focusing on carving and sgraffito work on my pieces. I find the time I get to spend on carving is very meditative for me and a place of creativity and calm in my life.

Sandy Shaffer, Rod Heitzmann, Sarah Kerr

Sandy Shaffer, Rod Heitzmann, Sarah Kerr

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