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Are you interested in joining The Potters Place Gallery as a working staff artist.  We call this being a MEMBER vs a CONSIGNEE.

Should you be accepted, please note that there is a probation period of no less than 3 months.  Your work is first required to be in the gallery in the capacity of CONSIGNEE for a minimum of 3 months.  

If you are not currently an artist in the gallery, please go to Becoming a CONSIGNEE

If you are currently a CONSIGNEE and are interested in more commitment to the Gallery, we are often interested in new potters joining us and sharing the responsibilities of running a collective not for profit society and gallery.  You will be assigned duties/responsibilities and we hope to be able to utilize your strengths and have your other talents besides pottery be used.  

As noted above, our policy is such that there is a probationary period of no less than 3 months in which all artists under consideration to be a working member must first be a consignment member. Working members are approved based on several things including working membership space availability. Working members are required to work at the gallery no less than 2ce / month in addition to being on a committee with monthly activities and duties which allow the gallery to operate.