Love is in the air throughout June at The Potters Place Gallery – Guest artist: Leah Bland

Love is in the air throughout June at The Potters Place Gallery – Guest artist: Leah Bland

The month of June is often filled with love, laughter, and wedding bells.


ceramic goblets by Leah Bland
Are you looking for the perfect wedding gift? 


The makers of the Potters Place Gallery have prepared beautiful teapots, baking bowls, and platters, mugs, tea bowls, and goblets, just for such occasions.  There are choices to accommodate all budgets.  A gift of pottery is made with love and care.  Our ceramic works are really a marriage of many things.  An idea, even a dream, comes to fruition with intention, care, and experience. 


The relationships of the raw clay, several elements, and fiery heat are bonded and unified after time, work and care.  Eventually each has the opportunity to reach full, glorious potential with the support of the other.  Kinda like love between people? So we get it.  And of course, the gift of a beautiful pot can be a wonderful contribution to the excitement of a couple building a new life together.  Handmade pottery makes a most memorable wedding gift of love.

Please join us on Saturday,  June 1st, from 3 until 5
for tea and biscuits.

The Potters Place Gallery is pleased to present
Leah Bland
our guest artist for the month of June.

Be sure to check out our featured window as you stroll by the gallery.

Leah Bland guest artists at the Potters Place in June, 2019

Leah has been busy building towards her new relationship, with clay.  Her pots are fresh, mindful, and created with love.

Below you can see some of Leah’s work.

There will be an opportunity to meet Leah and discuss her journey and process, and perhaps fall in love with a special pot. Please refrain from throwing rice.

blue pottery bowl by leah blandsoda fired cup by leah bland



2 Great Happenings at The Potters Place ‘Gallery in May.

2 Great Happenings at The Potters Place ‘Gallery in May.

An Ice Cream Giveaway & “Always Exploring” – a group show of 3 Emerging Artits

Join us at the Opening Reception - May 2/19, 4-7pm 
Light Refreshments
and a celebration of 3 very talented new artists

may at The Potters place gallery - Ice cream giveaway with every bowl and Always Exploring Group Show
The Potters Place Gallery - Ice cream giveaway with every bowl

I scream ~  You scream ~  We all scream !

Hey, what IS all the yelling about?  Ice cream, of course.  Free ice cream!  

This May, the Potters’ Place Gallery is celebrating Spring with a tasty and generous offer, along with our neighbour, Blue Spruce Ice Cream and Yogurt.  Come visit and treat yourself to a FREE scoop of delicious and delectable Blue Spruce gourmet ice cream with the purchase of a hand made pottery bowl.  

And yes….there’s even more to celebrate.  The work of our three local, very talented guest artists, Rod Heitzmann, Sarah Kerr, and Sandra Shaffer from NIC (North Island College) will be featured in the “Always Exploring”  ceramics show beginning May 1st.

Opening reception May 2nd from 4 until 7pm. 

Please join us for light refreshments and meet the artists, and explore their work with them. There might even be ice cream! (We will try to keep our voices down).

always exploring poster

Rod Heitzmann
Rod Heitzmann

Rod Heitzmann


Rod Heitzmann has been creating both sculptural and functional ceramics for almost 15 years. He started with evening programs in Calgary. After moving to the Comox Valley in 2007 he began taking Fine Arts classes at North Island College. He is also an active member of the Comox Valley Potters Club.

Rod enjoys making masks from clay. Each mask tells a story that possesses and expresses a spirit’s emotional character. He frequently draws on his knowledge of ancient cultures to express these spirits but without direct duplication. Because clay is a medium that is highly malleable when soft it allows him to use a variety of techniques in the creation of form and expression. However, when clay hardens and dries it becomes inflexible. In the kiln, these objects are transformed through the forces of heat and chemistry to attain their final forms. During firing, he turns over control to these forces, and allow the primal elements to work their wonders!

Sandra Shaffer


I discovered throwing in Kingston Ontario in 1971. Since then clay has been a foundational thread throughout my life. At times I’ve been able to teach and work as a potter, at other times pursuing ‘a real job’ to support my family. Now that I’m on my own I have enjoyed focusing on my growth as a potter and been fortunate to explore my love of clay in the communities of Denman Island, Jasper Alberta and St. John’s Newfoundland. I’m happy to be back in the Comox Valley and look forward to working in my own studio.

sarah kerr

Sarah Kerr


I am a child of a potter, so clay has been around me all my life and my love for it has grown over time.

Over the last few years, I have been experimenting with under-glazes and slips and focusing on carving and sgraffito work on my pieces. I find the time I get to spend on carving is very meditative for me and a place of creativity and calm in my life.

Sandy Shaffer, Rod Heitzmann, Sarah Kerr
Sandy Shaffer, Rod Heitzmann, Sarah Kerr
Spring Has Sprung with Large Pots – April 2019

Spring Has Sprung with Large Pots – April 2019

Spring is here and we are celebrating.
We think it’s a BIG DEAL!

Maeva Collins - 2 woodfired dancers

Maeva Collins – 2 woodfired dancers

We all love when the sun begins to shine more that the rain begins to fall.  Spring in the Comox Valley is spectacular with blossom on trees in bloom and flowers beginning to paint a beautiful pallet of colour in our gardens and along the roadsides. 

Do you have a love of  large floral displays in your home or office?  Do you have a dining table or coffee table that could use a really lovely statement piece?  The potter’s of The Potters Place Gallery have decided to make a splash this spring, with some wonderful large pots and pots that depict spring. 

Come on by the gallery and take a look at what we’ve been up to.

We are at the corner of 5th and Cliffe ave. in the heart of downtown Courtenay, BC
Open 10am-5pm, Tuesday though Friday.
Parking is available at the rear of the building, access off 6th st.


The Potters Place Gallery presents “Plates and Platters”throughout March 2019

The Potters Place Gallery presents “Plates and Platters”throughout March 2019

plates and platters are the feature at the potters place gallery throughout March 2019

The Candyman makes
Everything he bakes
Satisfying and delicious
Talk about your childhood wishes
You can even Eat the Dishes!

But wait. You can’t eat the dishes. At least not ours. 

We welcome visitors to enjoy a delicious feast with their eyes. A gallery filled with beautifully decorated ceramic plates and platters of all shapes and sizes, made in studio by gallery members and featured artists.

What kind of dishes do you serve your favourite meals on?  In partnership with the 100-mile food movement, we encourage community members not only to support local farmers and food growers, but to also support local makers.

Mealtime can easily be a mindful, pleasurable event and practise, and the time and effort put into the preparation of a meal can also be reflected in what the meal is served on. A special place setting, plate, or food dish can become a treasured part of the family dinner.

Do your tastes lean towards a matched, complete set, collected over time, or more eclectic, with different vessels made by several ceramic artists?  Family members, friends and guests often have favourites drinking vessels, bowls, and dishes.

How food is presented, what it is presented on, can easily be paired to compliment the dish served. A big decorated fish platter, serving fresh caught salmon just off the BBQ. Sushi served on a traditional tray. A work-of-art terrine, set centre-stage full of seafood chowder, or hearty beef stew. Or how about a great, big, rustic stoneware bowl, teeming with steaming spaghetti and meatballs?

“Plates and Platters” will be on display in the Potters Place Gallery at the corner of Fifth Street and Cliffe Ave. for the month of March.

Hope to see you there!

We are located in the 5th Street Courtyard at across from the Sid Williams theatre in the heart of downtown Courtenay, BC. Parking is easily accessed at the rear of the building off 6th street.


Tea For Two or Three or Four

Tea For Two or Three or Four

Come join us for all things TEA at The Potters Place Gallery throughout February 2019.

Maeva Collins
There will be everything from tea cups and coffee cups, tea pots and coffee urns, honey jars and teabag rests, there will be saucers and high tea plates. You name it, if it has to do with that precious time of day when we stop for a minute to brew our favourite cup of spice tea or a strong decaf double double… we’ve got you covered with works by over 20 local BC artists.
Mary Deveau and Linda Walton are featured artists for December 2018

Mary Deveau and Linda Walton are featured artists for December 2018

We are delighted to be able to feature works by Mary Deveau and Linda Walton during December 2018.

mary deveau featured artist december 2018 at the potters place gallery

Mary’s work is inspired by her love of the ocean and getting up close and personal with seals and sealions in the Salish Sea.  Each sculpture is prescious and unique and so very life-like.

Linda Walton featured artist december 2018 at the potters place gallery

Linda’s wonderful underglaze and slip decoration helps to treat each piece as a canvas for her paintings.  She draws inspiration from animlas and nature and creates a wide variety of shapes and vessels that will look wonderful on any dinner table, coffee table or mantle.

Joe Stefiuk and Cori Sandler Featured Artist for November 2018

Joe Stefiuk and Cori Sandler Featured Artist for November 2018

Joe Stefiuk

Joe has been playing with clay for over 60 years. Following his retirement, after 32 years as an art teacher right here in the Comox Valley, he was able to concentrate on this art form with a focus on pieces fired in gas and soda kilns.

Joe Stefiuk returns with a new batch of work, functional and sculptural with new themes. Indigenous animals and plant forms. Some new glazes and old ones used in a different way. Mugs and bowls with a west coast theme, soda fired animal and birds and unique masks using human and animal forms.  He has also developed his own versions of Vancouver Island wildlife including bear, cougar, owls, whales and wolves.

You’ll find “One of a Kind” tea bowls, Japanese beer mugs, owls, bears, wolves and of course whales tails. Some old crows, fish, and cows. He has even made the perfect stocking stuffers… shooters (lots of them).  Come on by and you’ll see Joe’s work in the Gallery Windows and be sure to come on inside to see just how amazing these works of art actually are up close and personal.

Cori Sandler
Studio Potter / Cori’s Clay Class Pottery Teacher

Cori moved to the Valley from Toronto eight years ago. She is a functional potter which means she loves to make pots that can be used for every day food preparation and serving. While she enjoys making all kinds of pottery, she most adores mugs as they are the most personal pieces a person will ever own.

Her work is both meditative and highly decorative. She spends a lot of time considering and working on glazing her pieces in order to achieve unique and special pots. Her use of white clay and multiple layers of glaze produce truly unique colour combinations.   read more about Cori



The Potters Place Gallery is located at the corner of 5th Street and Cliffe Avenue in downtown Courtenay. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information on the Gallery see us on Facebook,  or call (250) 334-4613.



2018 - OFF THE WALL An Exhibition of Drinking Vessels from all over British Columbia


throughout October 2018

An Exhibition of Drinking Vessels
from all over British Columbia

ART FOR SUSTAINABLE LIVING is about the conscious act
of choosing local, sustainable, ethical, earth based, beautiful pottery,
for our homes, our daily lives & our souls.

October 1-27, 2018
Opening Reception October 4, 4-7pm


Sue Taylor

This is very special event, in that a call for entry went province wide, and there will be some absolutely amazing hand made cups and mugs and tea bowls etc. etc. from all across this province.

Maeva Collins

British Columbia is well known as a hot-bed of ceramic talent. The local pool of ceramic artists right here in the Comox Valley is so wonderfully rich, as you likely know if you have ever visited The Potters Place Gallery.

We celebrate and introduce a different local potter each month as our featured artist, or we have a special event such as this exhibition where we showcase handmade pottery in our featured window.

Cori Sandler

We wanted to introduce you to the wide variety of artists who work in clay, living in Canada's magical west coast and thought what better way than to have an exhibition and sale of something that each of us use on a daily basis... The drinking vessel; The favourite mug. This biennial event is our 2nd exhibition of OFF THE WALL. The first was a huge success and you, our gallery goers have asked for it's return.  We listened.

Come celebrate the beauty in the everyday with handmade pottery drinking vessels hand-crafted by very talented British Columbian Potters through October 2018 at The Potters Place Gallery in Downtown Courtenay, Comox Valley.

If you are able to come to our opening on October 4 from 4-7pm, not only will you enjoy all the cups

Dawn Zilke Hanson

on display, but you will also enjoy appetizers and treats and beverages served up in handmade pottery mugs and cups by local potters from The Potters Place Gallery.

The Potters Place Gallery is operated by a collective of potters dedicated to promoting public

awareness and appreciation of the ceramic arts, supporting ceramic artists by giving them an opportunity to exhibit and sell their work, awarding bursaries and helping potters in need.

The Exhibition is open to all residents of British Columbia 18 years of age or older. We hope this exhibition will encourage potters to exhibit their work and help market the artistic creations of potters to the public in B.C. and across Canada.

Come and see a host of ceramic mugs, tumblers, beer steins, yunomis, wine cups, whiskey sniffers, chawans and tea bowls.




Laurie Davis is featured artist along with guest artists Louise Card and Craig Rogers

Laurie Davis is featured artist along with guest artists Louise Card and Craig Rogers

Laurie Davis is our featured artist
throughout the month of Sept, 2018
along with  guest artists
Louise Card and Craig Rogers.

Laurie Davis

Laurie’s love of clay began over 40 years ago when she first threw on the wheel. In her work she explores our fragility as humans, as well as our need to communicate and understand each other and the Earth in which we live.  Every piece she makes is carefully thought out to be enjoyed.

The Gallery will also display the work of wife and husband Louise Card and Craig Rogers, as guest artists.  


Louise Card and Craig Rogers

Louise uses very few tools and the simple methods of coil and/or slab building to produce small series of thematically related vessels. She sees drawing as a foundation for her work in both realizing a form and in surface expression. Typically her pieces have many layers of washes and glazes and are fired in an electric kiln to cone five or six.

  louise card white bowl

Spanning 34 years of working in clay, Louise’s pieces are featured in many national and international collections and publications. Her work has been shown in various exhibitions such as the Trois Rivieres Biennale, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, Salt Spring Invitational, Fired Up ! and the Korean International Ceramic Biennale.

Louise and her husband Craig met 38 years ago in chemistry class while studying ceramics at Georgian College in Barrie Ontario. Together they operated Shany Bay Pottery for a number of years before moving to Vancouver Island. Louise stayed with pottery when Craig moved into the culinary field. This exhibit at the Potters Place in Courtenay is a happy return to Craig and Louise exhibiting together again.



In the 1980’s, Craig Rogers, with his wife Louise Card, ran pottery studios in Shanty Bay, Ontario, and Deep Cove, Vancouver Island. He participated in many shows and events, including Fired Up (core member), and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

In 1990, Craig turned to his other passion: culinary arts. Over the next 25 years, he worked as a cook, chef and educator, finishing his career as Chef instructor in the Vancouver Island University’s culinary arts programme.   During his cooking years, Craig maintained his interest in clay, albeit, at times, on the slow burner. In the last few years he has returned to pot-making more seriously, with a special interest in the connection between clay and food. His ceramic work is thrown, functional and decorative, using multiple slip and over-glaze brushwork.

Craig and Louise now operate a studio in Fanny bay. Craig’s work can be seen at the at a Potter’s Place in Courtenay and at the Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery in London, Ontario. He recently participated as a guest artist in Fired Up! and was a participant in Matters of Clay III, in London Ontario.


Maeva Collins and Sue Taylor are Featured Artists throughout August 2018

Maeva Collins and Sue Taylor are Featured Artists throughout August 2018

The Potters Place Gallery is thrilled to be able to highlight two of our amazing potters throughout the month of August.  Come on in and check out our featured windows to see beautiful examples of both wood firing by Maeva Collins and Soda firing by Sue Taylor.  We are truly lucky to have such stunning representations of both kinds of firing, right here in our valley… and at The Potters Place Gallery throughout the year, but we thought you should really get to know these two artists, up close and personal, so we are featuring them both throughout August.  Come in and enjoy this feast for your eyes and your soul.


The creative process has always been an important part of my life. In the past, I have danced, taught classical ballet and contemporary dance, painted, ridden in dressage competitions, coached dressage and have been an Equine Canada dressage judge.
Although quite different, they all require an eye for good form and an appreciation for beauty and movement. Clay for me has been a truly free form of creativity.  It’s mesmerizing to watch a ball of clay transform into a beautiful vessel. Throwing on the wheel is my favourite part of the process and the amazing sensation is still with me every time. During the first few years of creating with clay, I enjoyed making tableware but now I love to create large pieces that are somewhat sculptural.
Throughout my experience with clay, I have never felt the need to save a pot but instead have felt that the next one will be better. Because of that, I have been able to push the envelope; take one more pull, trim closer and not worry about the chance of losing it and with that comes better understanding and better skill.  Inspiration comes from my surroundings. I live in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island surrounded by the ocean, rivers, mountains and rain forest. I have always felt a deep connection to the ocean and find the ocean a spiritual, emotional and physical inspiration. Living on a small acreage allows me the freedom to pit fire and wood fire my creations. In both cases I rely on the firing process to produce dramatic patterns that draw the viewer in; nature never leaves the same mark twice.  Both pit firing and wood firing give me the opportunity to have an intimate  experience in the process from the beginning to the end. Following a firing, I have
found, in spite of the careful planning and preparation, there are always more  questions than answers.
In our predictable world, primitive methods of firing result in a creative spontaneity.  Potters make the pots and the flames that dance throughout the pit or kiln, create  texture, patterns and visual magic. I derive great joy in creating my vessels and my hope is that others will find as much pleasure in viewing and touching these pieces as I have in the making of them.


Sue is a long time valley resident and a co-founding member of the Potter’s Place Collective. She lives and pots on her rural property in Merville. Sue and her husband have built a sprung arch gas fired salt kiln which she uses to achieve the traditional “orange peel” effect on her porcelain work. Sue creates both functional and one of a kind carved pieces.

Her work reflects her many years of making pots in Canada and her degree work at the University of Western England with work displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London