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Maggie Shaw September 2021 Feature Artists

Maggie Shaw September 2021 Feature Artists

Maggie Shaw


We are so delighted to be able to highlight The work of Maggie Shaw throughout September 2021.
Maggie has found a delicious way to decorate her beautiful pottery.  She has begun to employ the use of decals.  These are special decals that usually require an extra firing, in order to adhere the images to her pots and embed them directly into the glaze.  These do not simply sit on top of the glazed pieces but are fused directly into the surface of each pot.  The results are absolutely stunning, with careful consideration to the placement of each image for beautiful thoughtful results.

Maggie Shaw has been a member of The Potters Place Place Gallery for many years.  Her skills as a potter have been cultivated over the making and crafting of many pots over the years.  She is known for her smoke fired work and recently her decal work.  Blue and white pottery has been a long standing tradition and she is visiting this tradition with her new work.









Ocean Inspired Pottery

We are so very fortunate to have such an abundance of inspriation as artists, living in the Comox Valley and surrounding areas.  Each of us, has the tendencies, to be inspired by and pull from our surroundings.

Be it in colours we glaze our pottery, or shapes and forms we find on and about our pottery.
We have decided to pull from many of our talented artists this month, to highlight some of the pots that reflect our ocean living.
Be sure to check out the work at the front of our gallery for a bit of a taste as to what you can see when you walk around  the gallery.

You’ll find platters perfect for serving fish and urns and jars with driftwood handles.  Of course you’ll see bowls glazed with the colours of the sky, ocean and beach, and be sure to check out the mugs that reflect the stormy sea and sky,  called “Storm Brewing” … So much inspiration.


Featured Potters

Each month we highlight the artistry of a different potter here at the gallery. The artist/potter may create works of art in stoneware or porcelain. They may create functional pottery such as mugs and teapots and bowls and vases or they may create sculptures, perfect for your home and garden.

We invite you to come by the gallery at least once a month to see the new feature artist.

The gallery is always changing as new artwork is delivered to the gallery ongoingly. Our potters are working away in their studios and then bring their new pieces of art in, so there is a constant visual story that shifts, and grows and changes all the time.

We’d love to see you and your friends or visitors at the gallery any time. Come on by, ask us a questions, inquire about pottery lessons in the Comox Valley.

We’d love to see you

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