Come celebrate with us – We are 25 years old!Food For Thought

This is an exhibition presented by the Potters Place Gallery in celebration of their 25th anniversary, will be held June 1-30. Featured, will be unique dinnerware place settings hand crafted by past and present gallery members.

An opening will be held Friday, June 2, 4:00-7:00 pm in the Gallery at the corner of 5th and Cliffe in downtown Courtenay.

Sweet Surprise Gluten Free Bakery and Sushi Jo will provide sweets and savouries.
 Art for sustainable living is about the conscious act of choosing local, sustainable, ethical, earth based, beautiful pottery, for our homes, our daily lives and our souls.





2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the Potters Place Gallery with many events planned to celebrate the occasion.

During the month of April, the gallery will be exhibiting salt and soda glazed work by local potters as well as a hanging exhibition at Sweet Surprise at 5th and Cliffe.

  • During the month of May, the members of the gallery are honoured and excited to be presenting an exhibition of the wonderful ceramic art of Robin Hopper, recent recipient of the Order of Canada, internationally known ceramist, author and art activist.  Robin past away in April, 2017.  So many tributes have come in and been written about Robin.  Here is one that we think really helps to give us a sense of just who Robin was and just how much he added to the world of clay. – read more 

Celebrations continue in June with “Food for Thought” an exhibition of dinnerware place settings by past and present members of the Potter Place Gallery.



January 13-21, 2017 at The Potters Place Gallery
Potters and the Creative Process

The Potters of The Potters Place Gallery are clearing out their studios. The frenzy of the holiday
season has passed and the potters now have time to reflect on what worked, what didn’t quite meet
their goals and where they would like to take their art in the coming year.
Every artist and designer goes through a creative process. Potters are no different. There are as
many different approaches to creativity as there are artists. Some prefer to create spontaneously; some choose a more methodical approach. Are spontaneity and method mutually exclusive? I think not. I believe they work together and that every artist, no matter how spontaneous, or conscious goes through four basic steps: 1) idea generation 2) work, experimentation and testing 3) self, peer, or mentor evaluation and 4) presentation. It is work, experimentation and testing that is important here.

There are a multitude of facets of pottery, so many, so that a potter could work a life time and
still be learning. Sometimes potters choose to focus on one type of firing, or forming technique for
many years. Then and opportunity arises to try something new, a spark is ignited and a new tangent is explored. During this exploration and experimentation every piece created may not be exactly what the potter is trying to achieve. It doesn’t mean this creation is not beautiful and will not completely fill someone’s aesthetic; it is just not what the potter was aiming for.

At the Red Dot Sale you will find the actualization of these stages of growth. The pots that are formed from pushing limitations and being vulnerable enough to try something new can be beautiful and lead the potter on a new journey. Sometimes a potter needs to clear out items that simply don’t fit into their new style, or did not work out quite as expected. You get to benefit from this by finding perfectly good pots at reduced prices at The Potters Place Gallery at 5 th and Cliffe, in Courtenay during our Red Dot Sale. It is our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers and welcome to our new customers.

What a great way to find a home for pots that are practically perfect in every way.




What a wonderful successful Yana Chilli Bowls Fundraiser.

You’ll find bowls bowls and more bowls at Market Days in Courtenay at The Potters Place July 16/16.  Buy a bowls of chili for 20.00 and keep the bowl.  All proceeds go to YANA



Every Year in January

After the holidays, January is the perfect time to trim the fat! January 11th – 31st, the Potters Place holds their annual HUGE January sale with prices that’ll make your jaw drop. This is our way of saying thank you to this wonderful valley, which continues to be so supportive of local artists like those potters of the Potters Place. We love that you have made us your GO-TO gallery and shop when you have gifts to give or when you have visitors visiting from away and want to show them the wonderful local art available in the valleyLocal potters trim their studio shelves of all sorts of pots ready for the new season of making ahead.

The Comox Valley is the pottery mecca of British Columbia and in appreciation of your support, we wish to invite you to this very special sale. 

RED DOT SALE at The Potters Place Jan 11-31 2016








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This once a year special event at the Potters Place is when potters clear out older stock or items that are made of a glaze that they may no longer be using. Sometimes a potter just wants to clear shelves of inventory to make room for the next set of pottery to be made.


These are all wonderful pieces from t-pots to mugs, to butter dishes, to vases to platters and everything in between. When you come in, feel free to bring with a non-perishable food item so that we can help our local food bank to continue to help put food on the table – even after the turkey dinner holidaysThe Potter’s Place is at 180B Fifth St. on the corner of Fifth and Cliffe in the cultural heart of downtown Courtenay in the 5th Street Courtyard.

wood-fired-(1)-webmaeva collins Many potters will bring new works into the shop and place sale prices between 10-75 percent off.  All these pots are perfect, no seconds.  A beautiful selection of pottery will be dramatically reduced during January with partial proceeds going to some of our favourite charities in the valley.  We continue to support our local food bank, Y.A.N.A., Potters helping Potters and others joe_stefiuk1_smalljoe stefiuk
jaime throwing large vase 2015 webjaime willms

cheri lamb
cheri lamb
mugsx3-roman-footed-warmrock-sandler-webcori sandler
See more about last years sale here

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