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The Potters Place is pleased to welcome our newest member. Patsy O’Connell Pottery offers fresh, vibrant colours combined with wonderful, serene carvings. Her agateware is a combination of two different colored clays and will have your eyes moving over the entire surface. Welcome Patsy!

With an abundance of opportunity and encouragement to make art at an early age, drawing and painting came easily and stayed with me. Then I took that class at a community studio – Beginner’s Wheel. My focus changed to form and function.

Working and playing with clay is a wonderfully positive endeavor.
The wheel-thrown vessel as an open bowl, its inside space and rich surface treatment have been at the heart of my work throughout my potting life.

Now, forty years after my first encounter with clay, I am entering a later phase of life and making so I consider carefully where I want to put my energy, what I want to make and how.

I like to make pieces that are clearly more than function, while still fully functional. I am always excited about the prospect of spending time in the studio, learning, have problems to solve, playing, and progressing in my clay work.

My work can be seen on line at
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We’re getting into the last few days of the red dot sale. Brave the snow today and come check out the deals. ... See MoreSee Less

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The Red Dot sale starts this morning. Here is a sneak preview. ... See MoreSee Less

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Starting on the 15th. The Potters are cleaning out their studios. ... See MoreSee Less

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Mark your calendars. January 15-31 That amazing annual RED DOT sale is here again.
You've been waiting for this sale since last year!

This sale is our way of saying thank you for your support all year.
We love our community and our customers who choose handmade over big box stores, local over shipped in, and handmade over factory produced when it comes time for yourself and your gifts.

Our way of saying Thank You Comox Valley, for another great year. Don't Miss This Once A Year Event!

A little background for you about... Potters and the Creative Process

The Potters Place is a not for profit society and part of our mandate is educating and supporting our community about the ceramic arts.

There is a movement a foot around the world - "Less Plastic More Clay" and over this next year, we at The Potters Place are hoping to spread the word through education and example, we hope to help the ComoxValley move away from plastic in their kitchens replacing everyday items with pottery instead. Even... your colanders.

The Potters of The Potters Place Gallery are clearing out their studios. The frenzy of the holiday season has passed and the potters now have time to reflect on their goals and where they would like to take their art in the coming year. Every artist and designer goes through a creative process. Potters are no different. There are as many different approaches to creativity as there are artists. Some prefer to create spontaneously; some choose a more methodical approach. Are spontaneity and method mutually exclusive? We think not. We believe they work together and that every artist, no matter how spontaneous, or conscious goes through four basic steps: 1) idea generation 2) work, experimentation and testing 3) self, peer, or mentor evaluation and 4) presentation. It is work, experimentation and testing that is important here.

There are a multitude of facets of pottery, so many, so that a potter could work a life time and still be learning. Sometimes potters choose to focus on one type of firing, or forming technique for many years. Then and opportunity arises to try something new, a spark is ignited and a new tangent is explored. During this exploration and experimentation every piece created may not be exactly what the potter is trying to achieve. It doesn’t mean this creation is not beautiful and will not completely fill someone’s aesthetic; it may however, not be exactly what the potter was aiming for.

At the Red Dot Sale you will find the actualization of these stages of growth.

- You will find pots that are formed from pushing limitations and being vulnerable enough to try something new can be beautiful and lead the potter on a new journey.

- You will find pots that are ends of lines

- You will find pots that are styles that a potter is no longer creating

- You will find pots similar to what you found last month, only reduced to make room for more pots.

You get to benefit from this by finding perfectly good pots at reduced prices at The Potters Place Gallery at 5 th and Cliffe, in Courtenay during our Red Dot Sale. It is our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers and welcome to our new customers.

What a great way to find a home for pots that are practically perfect in every way. Pots in this image are representative of the variety of pottery that we carry, but these actual pieces may not be available for the red dot sale. Don't worry, there are so many wonderful red dot pots, you are sure to find something... or rather many things.

We invite you to cross the road at Cliffe and head over to the courtyard where we are located.
There is also parking at rear
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Reminder: we’re open until 8 Friday and 10-5 Saturday 10-2 Sunday.
Thank you to all the happy people who kept the Potters hopping today.
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🎄🎄The Potters Place will have some extended Christmas hours
Thursday December 21: 10-8
Friday December 22: 10-8
Saturday December 23: 10-5
Sunday December 24 10-2. 🎄🎄

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Did anyone leave their glasses at The Potters Place? We are open until 8 today and tomorrow. 10-5 Saturday and 10-2 Sunday. I hope you see this and get them back for Christmas. ... See MoreSee Less

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🎄🎄The Potters Place will have some extended Christmas hours
Thursday December 21: 10-8
Friday December 22: 10-8
Saturday December 23: 10-5
Sunday December 24 10-2. 🎄🎄
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Anne Cubitt
For the month of December, the Potters Place Gallery in the Comox Valley is featuring the work of Anne Cubitt, one the Gallery’s member potters. Anne specializes in crystalline pottery using high fire stoneware and porcelain. Her elegant forms are the perfect canvas for her crystalline pottery.
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An easy way to win a $750 downtown shopping spree! ... See MoreSee Less

Walk the Windows is happening again this year - and its a great chance to enter to win a $750 shopping spree Downtown Courtenay!!!

There are 2 ways to enter this year - Enter to win in the ballot bags inside each participating business OR take a photo of your favourite window and post to social media using the handle indicated on the poster (make sure to tag #downtowncourtenay).

Participating Business this year-
The Broken Spoke
Extreme Runners
Union Street Grill and Grotto
Lupine Art Studio
The Mustard Lady
Games and Grounds
Secret Drawers Lingerie Ltd.
South Hollow Gallery Leapenhi Paper
Whale's Tale Toys
be - Solely Canadian Clothing Boutique
The Curious Cat Unique Gifts on 5th
Ski Tak Hut
The Potters Place Gallery & Shop
Cherry Wine Fashions
DeVine's Emporium
Design Therapy Home
The Alberni Project - HMCS ALBERNI Museum and Memorial
Home & Garden Gate
HG Winter
Ivory & Grey
Hot Chocolates
Jim's Clothes Closet
La Cache Comox Valley
Tea Centre
Laughing Oyster Bookshop
Graham's Jewellers Ltd.
The Romance Shop
Wildflower Mercantile
TAB Imports - Furniture / Decor / Lifestyle Store
Runges Imports
Everything Wet Store
Courtenay Antiques
Bigfoot Donuts
5th Street Florist
Hitec Screen Printing
Finders Keep Hers Boutique & Luxury Resale
Penny Tyme Fashions
A Gemstone Hair Studio
Rally Co.

Make sure you vote - contest closes December 20.

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Congratulations to our mug winner!! This lovely young woman came in last night during Moonlight and Magic and entered to win a mug of her choice. She chose a Cori Sandler mug and is gifting it to her friend who just bought a new house. 💚❤️💚 ... See MoreSee Less

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The Potters Place is cozy and warm and waiting for you to come browse and enjoy some cider and cookies. Open late tonight to join in the Moonlight and Magic festivities. ... See MoreSee Less

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All dressed up for Christmas. Come join us for Moonlight and Magic and enter to win a mug of your choice. ... See MoreSee Less

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Come in to the Potters Place on the night of Moonlight and Magic (November 17) between 5-9 and enter your name in a draw for a mug of your choice. Cross Cliffe and have some hot apple cider and a wander through the Gallery. Start your Christmas shopping, add your favorites to your wishlist and enter the draw. ... See MoreSee Less

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The Potters Place Gallery Feature Artists for November 2017
The Potters Place Gallery feature artists for November are Sylvia McGourlick and
Elizabeth Raynor.
Sylvia was introduced to pottery while living in Haida Gwaii in the mid- 1980’s. Today, she focuses on producing functional pottery for daily use. She believes that there is something special about hand-made pottery. Maybe it’s the familiar feel of a well-used piece, or the unique way that the clay’s body and glaze combine to catch the light, that rewards the user and their senses.
Her glazes are earthy with reds, browns, white and silver that flow into one another creating a new palette where they overlap. While most of her work is done on the wheel, Sylvia likes to experiment with hand building and new glaze
combinations to keep the craft new and fresh.
Elizabeth is a founding member of The Potters Place and has made functional pottery for over 25 years. While working in Edmonton she became interested in clay and was fortunate enough to be taught and mentored by Naboro Kubo a fourth generation potter from Japan. The influence of his ideas are still present in her work.
Simplicity of form, softness of colour and a peaceful calm are the inspirations for Elizabeth forms and approach to glazing and decoration of her pottery.
Come in and check out Sylvia’s and Elizabeth’s work at the Potters Place Gallery just in time for the Christmas season.
The Gallery is located at the corner of 5th Street and Cliffe Avenue in downtown Courtenay and is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information visit or call 250-334-4613.
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Sandy Harquail is our featured artist until the end of the month. Alongside her very contemporary pieces you will find a harvest display of pots to use on your festive table. ... See MoreSee Less

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The Potters Place is delighted to showcase our newest member, Sandy Harquail, for the month of August. You will love her contemporary designs and attention to finishing detail.

Throughout my life I have been fascinated by the design process. My experiences as a child making tree forts, dress-up costumes and mud pies, in many ways influences how I pursue ceramics today. I use clay like a seamstress uses fabric, cutting patterns with curves and darts to change the shape and form. I envision my pots as pieces of architecture, always striving to create stable structures out of the pliable material all the while finding a balance in function and form. Each time as the clay is transformed from lifeless slabs to volumetric forms there is an excitement, a breath, an inhalation that I find nowhere else. I began my exploration of ceramics in high school in small town St. Clair, Michigan in an independent study program. Through this program I discovered a love of clay that led me to pursue the arts at Eastern Michigan University. Looking back at my youth I see the influences of creative people all around me. My father, a finish carpenter, is a precision craftsman. My grandmother created slip cast porcelain wares and dolls. My Mother was always pursuing one craft project after the other. It was inevitable that I would become a maker of some kind ... See MoreSee Less

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